Catherine Hoke of Defy Ventures and Brad Feld of Foundry Group on the Reboot Podcast with Jerry Colonna

My friend Catherine Hoke, founder of Defy Ventures, was recently a guest on the Reboot podcast.  I’ve shared a lot about Defy over the years, but this is your chance to hear the Defy story straight from the horse’s mouth.  Cat was joined by one of her board members Brad Feld of Foundry Group in a great conversation with the CEO whisperer, Jerry Colonna.

Here’s an excerpt from Reboot’s episode summary:

Almost all successful entrepreneurs will fail – if not fail, fail, fail, and fail again – on their path to success. Every human being made choices in their lives which they regret, are embarrassed of and have caused them deep shame. What would your life be like if you were known only by the worst thing you had ever done?

If you like what you heard from Jerry and wish you could hear more about his story, look no further.  Dave and I had him on Venture Studio as a guest a few months ago:


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