Announcing InSITE’s Fall 2014 Batch

We’re excited to announce our fall 2014 batch of companies.  Each InSITE batch culminates with InSITE Connect- an event that brings together startups, students and venture capitalists.  Fall 2014 Connect will be held on Friday, December 5th from 8am-noon.  For more information on InSITE Connect feel free to reach out to me.

Without further ado, here are the companies:  A platform to help high school students find their dream college and get accepted.

AwareTech / 1MM:  A wearable device for material handling workers which monitors and analyzes their lifting posture.

Bandwagon:  A taxi and car sharing app that matches passengers in cities, at events, and airport taxi lines.

Bowery:  Bowery lets you set up your development environment in 30 seconds.

Button:  Button is a customer acquisition and retention platform built for the mobile economy.

Jack Erwin:  Direct to consumer men’s dress shoes.

Likeable Local:  Social media marketing software for small businesses to build, engage and and grow their online presence.

Miner:  Enables customers to discover and buy apparel, offers and contests relevant to where they are.

One Financial Holdings:  An innovation lab for retail financial services.  Their co-founder, Vinay Patel, is an InSITE alumnus (NYU JD/MBA).

Stowaway Cosmetics:  Direct to consumer cosmetics.

To learn more about applying for InSITE’s Spring 2015 batch, email me at or


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