My News Routine

Today my friend Claire sent around a survey for her job asking how her friends consume content on the internet.  Here’s what I replied, with a little more detail.

Every day, I get theSkimm, Term Sheet, Mattermark, StrictlyVC and Product Hunt.  I always read theSkimm.  I always read the Mattermark headlines and store the interesting ones to Pocket.  I breeze through Term Sheet for VC deals and for old companies that I know (e.g. recent Markit IPO, recent El Pollo Loco IPO).  I breeze through StrictlyVC- it has a ton of overlap with Term Sheet.  I try to look at Product Hunt but in reality, I rarely get to it (I walk to work this summer, so no public transport time).

I also subscribe to several blogs- AVC, Both Sides of the Table, Hunter Walk and  I send all of those to Pocket and read (typically on a 1-2 week delay) on my phone or kindle via the Pocket app.  I also send any other long articles from social media to Pocket and also read that on a delay (e.g. New Yorker article on Sam Fuld).

I skim Twitter almost every day.  I just got the Nuzzel app, which ranks shared stories from your twitter feed, giving a little more sanity to the firehose.  If I find something on Twitter or Nuzzel, I usually send it to Pocket also.

I binge on saved Pocket stories every couple days.   I do this less often than I want, but c’est la vie.

I also am a podcast addict.  Every day I listen to WSJ Tech (AM + PM), WSJ This Morning, The Economist (5-10 short pods per week).  Every week, I also listen to the a16z podcast, This Week in Startups and Foundation (though that’s rarely updated).  I tried Product Hunt but couldn’t work it into the rotation.  I used to be addicted to Hacker News Nation, but the One Month guys shut it down recently, much to my dismay.

I also listen to several ESPN/Grantland podcasts during the week/at the gym, mostly related to the NBA, NFL or my favorite passtime: reality TV.

Missing anything?

When I actually sat down and wrote this, it seemed like I’m missing real world “actual news”, but in practice I read theSkimm and WSJ This Morning, so I get a good 60-90 minutes of non-tech/non-VC news every day.


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