SF Move Outside of Work

As I mentioned before, I’m working in SF this summer for a startup called Thanx.

I do have a life outside of work though.  As much as I love living in New York, I’m definitely looking forward to being back in California for a while after spending the last 11 years (!!!) on the east coast. 

I’m working in SF, but I’ve been living in the East Bay suburbs for my first few days.  Some of the crazy suburban stuff that stands out:

I like:

  • having a yard and walking in it
  • real supermarkets.  I spent like an hour at Lunardi’s on my first night.  I didn’t even buy that much stuff
  • having access to a car
  • grilling
  • more weird beers in the supermarket than normal beers
  • space

I don’t like:

  • driving everywhere
  • parking at Bart
  • stressing about parking at Bart
  • how quiet it is
  • getting gas
  • how few strangers you see in a given day

Happy to be out here though


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