Disrupt NYC Roundup

I went to Tech Crunch Disrupt NYC last week and here are some thoughts about it:

  • Since I’m a student and an InSITE Fellow, I got to volunteer for 1 of the 3 days in exchange for a free ticket ($3,000 sticker price, but more like a couple hundred if I worked some other discount angles).  That was worth it.  The day I worked (Monday), I was still able to cruise through startup alley, see some of the programming and catch up with some attendees.
  • Plus i got a free shirt for volunteering…
  • …then again, I could have also gotten like 10 more free shirts, water bottles, magnets, stickers and keychains from the dozens of sponsors
  • Fred Wilson always crushes it
  • Sam Altman is a really, really thoughtful guy and pretty unflappable up there on stage
  • Altman’s 29.  I just turned 29 the day before Disrupt.  He was a headliner keynote at a major conference.  I was checking tickets with an Eventbrite scanner
  • The chemistry between the partners at Lerer Ventures is obvious.  They looked great
  • The guys from Silicon Valley showed up and sorta stole the show.  I ran into Thomas Middleditch (star of the show).  Said he’d never been to a startup event like Disrupt before
  • Everyone in tech is on a first name basis with Marissa
  • Kwoller did great on stage in the Startup Battlefield.  The founders are CBS ‘15 guys
  • SV Angel guys David Lee and Brian Pokorny handled the gender questioning well.  The headlines made it seem like an awkward moment, but i thought Lee and Pokorny handled it well actually
  • Almost every speaker and panelist strolled through the startup tables at one point or another.  Anyone who complains that VCs are hard to reach needs to be thoughtful about where to look
  • Astro Teller of Google X thinks/dreams about some insane stuff.  As Director of Moonshots” I guess that’s what I should expect.
  • The Asana co-founder Justin Rosenstein is provocative
  • I’m probably going to try to get out to SF for the west coast version of Disrupt in September 8-10  

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