Quick Review of Uber Rush

I used Uber Rush for the first time and it was pretty cool.  Here’s how it went down:

On Thursday, I cleaned out my locker for the summer, so I had a bunch of books and my laptop in there.  My bag was way too heavy and awkward to bring out that night.  I was already downtown and didn’t want to go back up and across town, so I left it at my buddy Matt’s house.  The plan was for @mattycantor to bring it down to WeWork Fulton on Friday AM so we could work on our bitcoin project (he lives next door to the other Matt, where I left my stuff on Thurs).

Anyway, he forgot my bag on Fri AM, so when he arrived at the Starbucks by WeWork, we had a problem.  First option: go back to West Village and work somewhere up there (didn’t really want to do that).  Second option: round trip cab ($30+, and 30 min).  Third option: round trip subway ($5 and 60 minutes).  Then we remembered Uber Rush, so I called the Matt who had my bag (disclaimer: I only hang out with people named Matt) and asked him to Uber Rush it to me, and I’d Venmo him once he got the receipt.

Me: “Hey man, can you just Uber Rush me my backpack? Open up Uber and click on the bike thing and figure it out.  I’ll pay you back….It’ll be fun.”

Matt: “[pause] Yeah.  [pause]  Yeah.  That sounds awesome actually.  Let’s do it.”

Within 10 minutes, there was a “really chill” bike messenger at Matt’s place and he “put my large backpack into a much larger backpack and rode off.”

Matt only told him what Starbucks to send it to.  He “totally knows that Starbucks” and rode off.  The messenger didn’t ask for my name, number or description (weird, but we assumed he’d just call Matt when he arrived). That wasn’t necessary, because within 15 minutes, we saw a really chill bike messenger with a very large backpack pull up and I flagged him down.

I told him it was my bag, he gave it to me, and he we chatted for a little bit.  Before he rode off I asked a few questions and got some intel:

  • He’s been a bike messenger in NYC for a few years has been with Uber Rush for a couple weeks since launch
  • He used to “do the old Nextel shit” which I assume means the old communication/dispatch method.  Apparently it’s not that great
  • Uber “actually pays us legit money”.  That’s nice and all, but I assume they’ll slash margins once they crush “the old Nextel shit” and create enough consumer demand
  • Note: between approximately minutes 7 and 14, I got a little worried about the laptop.  I went through a few phases of anxiety and ultimately decided that Uber would probably replace my laptop if this guy rode off with it or something.  Note: 90 seconds of googling about Uber Rush theft/insurance/fraud yielded no good results

It was $21.  I will definitely not use this regularly, but it’s nice to have for situations like this one.

Just a couple of chill guys with backpacks on


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