I made a personal splash page with Strikingly

I made my own splash page last week for a couple reasons: a) it looks pretty dope b) its a good place to connect most of the dots in my personal and professional life.  

Strikingly, a YC company, has a pretty slick product.  It’s basically a super easy way to create a simple but really nice looking website for free.  They charge you when you want to break out of a simple template or do other stuff like link a custom URL which I’m still considering.  (PS I could have typed the previous sentence in 8th grade when I was making nWo/Wolfpac fan pages on tripod, but whatever.  Oh yeah but this one is mobile optimized.. beat that 8th-grade-Kevin)  Why didn’t I use squarespace, wix, about.me, etc you ask? Well, I tried Strikingly first and had no reason to look further and it’s free.  

On the serious side, last year, Forbes posted an article  explaining why every job-seeker should have a personal web site and gave some recommendations about what to include.  Since seeing that post, and also starting to read a bunch of good VC/startup blogs, “Make a chill personal website” has been floating around on the bottom of my todo list.  After intending to do it for about 9 months, I finally did it last weekend.

Any feedback on the site is welcome.


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